Michael Goldburg Film Maker
michael goldburg is an award-winning filmmaker who earned his M.F.A. at NYU's Graduate Film Program where he won a Warner Bros. Pictures Production Award and a Dean's Craft Award for Excellence. Michael has continued to make acclaimed films, commercials, and web series; including his hilariously absurd, horror-comedy short, “What's Eating Dad?,” which was named one of the Top 10 Horror Shorts of 2014 and screened in over 50 film festivals, winning multiple awards.
Michael directed “Tragic Relief,” a bleakly funny web series by writers from The Onion and Comedy Central, which was featured on Funny or Die. He was awarded an AIVF Screenwriting Mentorship and is developing several feature screenplays; including a feature version of his short crime comedy, "Sure-Fire"; an adaptation of a comic novel of suburban paranoia by the former book editor of "The Chicago Tribune"; and a shocking small-town murder mystery, “Black River,” inspired by a true story.
current projects

Michael is currently crowdfunding for the upcoming feature version of his crime comedy, Sure-Fire, about a NYC con man having a mid-life crisis. Check out the Hilarious Pitch Video and Join the Campaign at the link above! The feature script of Sure-Fire was an Official Finalist in the Comedy Competition of the 2016 Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest.

Meanwhile, the short film proof of concept of Sure-Fire has already garnered praise and awards on the festival circuit. Recalling New York comedies from Woody Allen ("Broadway Danny Rose") and Mel Brooks ("The Producers") as well as Hollywood crime comedies like "The Big Lebowski," "Pulp Fiction," and "Get Shorty," the Sure-Fire short film has picked up the following accolades:
WINNER - BEST ACTOR (PJ Marshall), River Bend Film Festival
NOMINATED - BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR (John Timothy), Kew Gardens Festival of Cinema
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Santa Fe Independent Film Festival, San Jose Internatioanl Short Film Festival, Bushwick Film Festival, Art of Brooklyn Film Festival, Lighthouse International Film Festival, Williamsburg International Film Festival, Long Island International Film Expo, Chattanooga Film Festival, Indy Film Fest, Way Down Film Festival, Adirondack Film Festival, Crown Heights Film Festival, Eau Claire World Film Festival.

And check out the PODCAST that documents the making of Sure-Fire, both the short & feature! Subscribe on iTunes http://surefirepodcast.com/itunes or Stitcher http://surefirepodcast.com/stitcher and check out show notes at http://surefirepodcast.com/

what's eating dad?
Michael's award-winning horror-comedy short, What's Eating Dad? is now ONLINE at IndieFlix! You can watch it here: https://www.indieflix.com/film/whats-eating-dad-46315 for FREE with a 14-day trial! In the vein of “Meet the Parents“ meets “Shaun of the Dead“, “What's Eating Dad?“ is about literally surviving the future in-laws!
What's Eating Dad? won over 15 awards and screened at over 50 festivals, including the Cleveland International Film Festival, HollyShorts Film Festival, Santa Fe Independent Film Festival, DC Shorts Film Festival, Breckenridge Film Festival, Champs-Élysées Film Festival, Williamsburg Independent Film Festival, San Antonio Film Festival, Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, Atlanta Horror Film Festival, Orlando Film Festival, Albuquerque Film Festival, New Haven International Film Festival, New York City Horror Film Festival, Hell's Half Mile Film & Music Festival, Little Rock Picture Show, Fargo Film Festival, and Garden State Film Festival.

tragic relief
Michael directed and produced Tragic Relief, a bleakly funny web series by writers from The Onion and Comedy Central, which was featured on Funny or Die. Two episodes directed by Michael, including The Law of Increasing Poverty, are featured on the site above.

rye manhattan
Michael's award-winning short comedy, Rye Manhattan, in the vein of Martin Scorsese's “After Hours“, is about a young man waiting for his dream date...in the wrong bar!
WINNER - Audience Award, Iron Mule Comedy Film Festival
OFFICIAL SELECTION of many notable festivals, including Durango Independent Film Festival, San Antonio Film Festival, Middle Coast Film Festival, Hell's Half Mile Film & Music Festival.